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Sona cosplay


Hey there, here’s my Sona cosplay! I hope you like it ^_^


OMG I JUST SAW YOUR SONA COSPLAY AND JUST....*SQUEEE* so jealous! you did an amazing job with it! i have to ask though, how did you make the etwahl? i'm looking for some ideas to make the arcade version of it, and i'm having trouble finding a good way to so...

You’re soooo kind! Thanks so much! *blush* ^_^

Well,  the normal version of my Etwahl it’s  basically styrofoam in the base, EVA paper, modeling paste and biscuit for the details!
Here’s a pic! <3

I hope it helped you :3

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It’s finally finished! My Sona cosplay, I’m really proud of this cosplay, because I made all of this! <3
I hope you like it ^_^
Photo taken at the event “Anime Friends 2014”, in São Paulo - Brazil
By Rafael de Souza (VaanWalker)

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Sona cosplay - League of Legends character

by Giovana Gozzoli <3

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Sona Cosplay

OH MY GOD, That’s me o_o


Sona - League of Legends
Giovana Gozzoli

Awn, that’s me <3

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Minha mãe limpando a casa:


Eu limpando a casa:



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